About Free of Bullying

Free of Bullying is a pedagogical anti-bullying programme aimed at creating an inclusive and safe environment, and developing social skills in nurseries, kindergartens and schools. Free of Bullying focuses on a group of children as a whole, and on the joy of belonging.

The Free of Bullying programme:

  • was developed by researchers at Roskilde University in Denmark;
  • is in compliance with the principles of developing core values and general competences described in the national curricula for pre-school facilities and basic schools in Estonia;
  • prevents risky behaviour and lays foundation for an anti-bullying culture in children’s groups: children have tolerance and respect for one another, they care about their friends and interfere with the bullying, defending the ones who are not able to defend themselves;
  • focuses on children, professionals, parents, and community;
  • is flexible and can easily be integrated into the daily routine of the educational facility;
  • develops shared knowledge of bullying prevention in the team;
  • provides reassurance and facilitates a smooth transition from preschool to primary school, since it is implemented in most preschools in Estonia;
  • has been thoroughly researched and implemented;
  • is based on the latest studies on bullying;
  • updates methodological materials on a regular basis;
  • provides positive results and reduces bullying;
  • does not entail fixed costs for educational establishments.

In Estonia, the program is led by MTÜ Lastekaitse Liit (Estonian Union for Child Welfare). Free of Bullying is implemented in the Estonian preschools since 2010, in schools since 2013, and in childcare and day care facilities since 2018. The implementation of the programme in Estonia is supported by the Ministry of Education and Research.

Read more about Free of Bullying in Danish page in English: http://www.freeofbullying.com/

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