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Participating schools and kindergartens

The project of Estonian Union for Child Welfare’s “Kindergarten free of bullying” started as a pilot in 2010 in 10 Estonian kindergartens by including 2 groups from each kindergarten. By now, 474 kindergartens and over 800 groups all across Estonia have joined the project.

In October of 2013, 25 pilot schools joined the project, including one school with two 1st grades from each county and part of Tallinn. 

From 2014, the project is called “Kindergartens and schools free of bullying” and new grades from pilot schools have joined.

In 2015, 56 more schools joined the project.

In 2018 November there are 472 kindergartens and 143 schools have right for using "Free of bulling!" methodics in Estonia.

List of joined schools is avilable here!
List of joined kindergartens is avilable here!