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This report will give an overview of the results of the effectiveness study of the Free of Bullying program in schools and kindergartens. The two-stage study, the first stage of which was conducted in the spring of 2015, before the teachers’ participation in Free of Bullying training sessions, and the second stage 8 to 9 months after the sessions, involved teachers, parents and also children. The report will look at compatibility between expectations and practice, and also benefits and critical aspects of the program.

The results in Estonia were compared to the conclusions by Danish research group from Roskilde University led by Professor Jan Kampmann. The report of the study conducted in Denmark is available on the Red Barnet webpage.

The current research report is divided in two parts:

  • Part 1: Implementation Free of Bullying in kindergartens
  • Part 2: Implementation Free of Bullying in schools

The report concludes with a general conclusion linking the two parts. 

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