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Methodology “Free of bullying!”

“Free of bullying!” is a preventive methodology aimed at creating a mutually regarding and including relationship between kindergartens and preliminary schools, behavioural culture preventing bullying by ensuring respect and tolerance towards each other, where children care about each other and, when witnessing bullying, stand up for those who cannot do it for themselves.

Good relationships created in a kindergarten are a good starting baggage for children going to school, helping them to handle social relationships at school. As the prevention of bullying is directly related to social norms accepted by the society and the quality of social relationships, it is important that those values would be taught to children starting from an early age. Meanwhile, this means that practical pedagogical everyday processes need to be analysed, assuming a research-based approach and efficient co-operation with the personnel of kindergartens and schools and scientists. The experience offered by cases apparent in everyday educational processes must be defined in order to get to the root of the problem.

The key person in preventing bullying in a kindergarten or school is the teacher, whose attitude towards themselves, children, parents, colleagues, and people in general is of definite value. We should ask: How does the teacher evaluate their role as a creator of friendly and supportive relationships? How does the teacher describe different children and parents as colleagues and co-operation partners?

“Free of bullying!” methodology is child-oriented and focuses on the whole group of children and class as a whole.

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Danish researcher Helle Rabøl Hansen explains the new understanding of bullying.