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Project network


The official project partners of Estonian Union for Child Welfare’s “Kindergartens and schools free of bullying” are:

  • Institute of Educational Sciences of Tallinn University — implements the project “Kindergartens and schools free of bullying” as a part of its optional course “Social relations in kindergarten and school”. In addition, Tallinn University conducts project-based research, implements the results of the project in the in-service training of teachers and pedagogical training of students, and introduces the research activities and results of the projects on conferences and seminaries.
  • Association of Estonian Cities — helps to implement the methodology by involving and notifying local governments. 
  • Eesti Maaomavalitsuste Liit (Estonian Association of Local Governments) — helps to implement the methodology by involving and notifying local governments. 
  • MTÜ Eesti Alushariduse Juhtide Ühendus (Non-profit association Estonian Association of Leaders of Pre-School Education) — supporting the internal methodology of networking and advising reporting activity
  • Moreno Keskus MTÜ 

Training network

The main and follow-up methodological training of kindergartens and schools joining the project will be performed by the instructors of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare. In addition to methodology-based training, additional trainings will be held by MTÜ Tartu Laste Tugikeskus (Children’s Support Centre of Tartu) (improving the skills of early recognition of children at risk) and the Centre for Ethics of the University of Tartu (value education trainings for the whole school family). A supervision service will be offered to the instructors of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare and other institutions by Moreno Keskuse MTÜ.

Support and counselling network

In addition to a network of instructions, the Estonian Union for Child Welfare has created an efficient local support- and counselling network model, which is important for ensuring the sustainability of the project. At a local level, all 15 local governments have been involved. According to the project’s idea, the network consists of local contact persons, kindergartens, and schools acting as the centres of methodology and Pathfinder centres of Foundation Innove in all counties. The on-site activities of the project will be coordinated by a local contact person or an educational specialist of the local government, who will also provide information on training and project-related events. The centres of methodology will co-ordinate and ensure the continuance of project activities within their county: introduce the implementation of methodology, notify the public (parents, media, etc.), motivate kindergartens and schools that have joined the project and create interest in educational facilities that have not yet joined, organise information days, and advise freshly-joined schools/kindergartens.