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About us

Since 2007, Save the Children Denmark in cooperation with Crown Princess of Denmark, Mary Fond, has been leading an anti-bullying program “Free of Bullying” in Danish kindergartens and grade schools, with a focus on the prevention of bullying amongst children between the ages of 3-10.

Free of Bullying

Following the example of Denmark, the Estonian Union for Child Welfare has been leading a project called “Kiusamisest vaba lasteaed ja kool” (Kindergartens and schools free of bullying) since 2010.  

As the prevention of bullying is directly related to social norms accepted by the society and the quality of social relationships, it is important that those values would be taught to children starting from an early age. Meanwhile, this means that practical pedagogical everyday processes need to be analysed, assuming a research-based approach and efficient co-operation with the personnel of kindergartens and schools and scientists. The experience offered by cases apparent in everyday educational processes must be defined in order to get to the root of the problem.

Program is supported by Ministry of Education and Research.

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